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It's now officially the first day of autumn. To be honest as soon as September arrives I start getting into the autumn mood. Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year, everything begins to die but it is when I feel like I'm more alive and joyful. I begin to think about autumn days from the last few years and it always brings back some of the best memories.

Last year I went to Amsterdam for the weekend, one of the most picturesque places at this time of year and I fell in love with the city. The year before I met D and he asked me to be his girlfriend, we spent the day in Lincoln, another lovely place to explore during the autumn months. I wonder what this season will bring me this year and how I will feel when I look back in 12 months time.

These are memories I will never forget and as wonderful as they are, there is nothing better than the little things and the simple every day moments. It makes autumn what it is and the season even more joyful. There are some things that feel quintessential autumnal. I wrote a to do list of all the things I want to do over the next few months that get me into the autumn mood.

10 things to do this Autumn

Bake a pumpkin pie
When I think about autumn, pumpkins always come to mind and what is more autumnal than baking something pumpkin flavoured with all the warm spices? And then you can carve pumpkins while it is baking.

Wrap up in a blanket while reading a book
Now that is is a little colder it's the perfect time to get cosy under a blanket and read a book in the evenings.

Light a sweet and spicy candle
The other week I went a little crazy and bought three new candles from TK Maxx, they had so many delicious scents like caramel pumpkin and frosted leaves. I can't wait to start lighting them in the evenings now it's getting darker.

Drink hot coffee outside in the morning
In the mornings when it's a little cold and you need something to keep your hands warm, a hot cup of coffee is all you need.

Go on a scenic foliage walk and pick up forage finds
I love going for walks all year round but at this time of year when the leaves are changing colours, pine cones and conkers on the ground it feels even better. Beautiful views for a beautiful time of year.

Wear boots, scarves and cosy jumpers
I've already started wearing boots and I won't be able to stop until it gets warm again. Wearing something soft and layering with scarves and knitwear makes autumn the best time of year for clothes.

Cook a warm and comforting meal from scratch
I really want to try and make a vegetable crumble from scratch soon with root vegetables, they are so wholesome and in season.

Sleep in and stay in pyjamas all morning
Why can't it be a Sunday morning every day? Sleeping in, waking up feeling rested and pottering around the house in pyjamas is what cosy autumnal mornings are for.

Create an autumnal playlist
Peaceful acoustic songs is all I want to listen to at the moment. Lucy Rose and The National are my favourites at the moment.

Sit by a fire in the evening
This is what the hygge feeling is all about, warming up by a fire in the evening, watching it the sparks and hearing the cracks and pops.

What do you do during the Autumn season?

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