A Long Weekend in Barcelona


At the beginning of July I went to Barcelona for the long weekend with my sister. We wanted a summer holiday away for a few days but we were unsure where to go. Maybe Greece, the Canary Islands or somewhere completely random. Barcelona had been a place in the back of our minds for a while so after a few days of going back and forth on ideas we settled with Barcelona. And it was the perfect choice for what we wanted.

As much as we love to lounge by the pool and on the beach we also love to explore and do things. In Barcelona we found the right balance. We had slow mornings drinking coffee, explored the city during the day and had a little siesta in the late afternoon before going out to eat in the evenings. 3 nights was just enough to do a little bit of everything while having some down time.

Here's a little guide of where we went..

The Streets of Barcelona

After we arrived we took some time to freshen up and then we began to wander around the streets near our hotel. We stayed in the El Born neighbourhood, a short walk to the Gothic Quarter and the beach. It was chilled in the day and lively at night. Just like the rest of the city.

We headed towards the Gothic Quarter. Half looking at Google maps and half winging it so we could get a little lost in the city. All of a sudden we were walking down little alleyways past boutiques and coffee shops. I couldn't stop looking up at the buildings. You could make a turn and find quiet streets and then make another turn where it is bustling full of people. 

Later we stopped for some ice cream while we made our way towards the landmarks on our list like the cathedral, Las Ramblas, Casa Batlló and the Sagrada Familia. Barcelona is a great place to explore on foot. You can take your time to look around and stop for a little while. There are plenty of tour buses that take you everywhere but if you have the time I'd recommend walking to most places. 

Tip: download an area of Google maps before you leave so you can use it offline

Beautiful Botanicals & Green Gardens

Around every corner and on every balcony there is so much greenery. A true urban jungle. If plants were travel friendly I think we would have picked up a few to take home. There are so many parks to visit in Barcelona. On our second day we made a trip to Parc Güell, I'm still not sure exactly how to pronounce it but it's one of Gaudí's many works of art in the city. 

We walked around the park, into the small caves and looked out at the incredible view of the city where you can see the biggest landmarks and the ocean. It's one of my favourite places that we visited while we were there. 

On our last day before heading back home we had a walk through Ciutadella Park. It's probably the equivalent of Regents Park or Hyde Park in London. You can visit the zoo or just lay down in the sun.   It was such a peaceful place away from the busy parts of the city.  

Five places to go for good food

The food in Barcelona is pretty amazing, I was looking forward to tapas and ice cream but I didn't expect it to be so delicious. If you're a vegetarian/pescatarian like me there are so many great options. I'd even love to go back now just for a frothy cappuccino.  

Amorino // sweet
One of the prettiest and decadent ice creams I've ever had topped with a raspberry macaron. I had to have pistachio and coconut, two of my favourite flavours.

La Luna // lunch & dinner
If you're looking for good value tapas go to La Luna, it's hidden down an alleyway but once you find it you are in brought into a cosy room and a menu with traditional Spanish tapas dishes and some with a modern twist like mini burgers. And a glass of wine is only €3!

Vegetalia // lunch & dinner
A great place to go for vegetarian and vegan food with a mixture of foods inspired from around the world like a thai curry, quesadilla, paella and so many other fresh and wholesome dishes. Their breakfast and dessert menu also looked incredible.

LuLu // breakfast
This little cafe was right next to our hotel in the El Born district, they had all the best breakfast foods like smoothie bowls, chia pudding, granola, egg and avocado. With plant based milk for your coffee, matcha latte and a long list of smoothies.

Brunch and Cake By The Sea // breakfast
Without a doubt the most beautifully presented brunch I've ever had, with lots of fruit juices to choose from, it's also another great place for vegetarians and vegans with plenty of plant based options. I had avocado on toast with granola and fruit, the best of sweet and savoury.

gelato | Amorino
chia pudding & matcha latte |  LuLu
avocado toast & granola | Brunch and Cake By The Sea

There is so much to see and experience in Barcelona. If you have ever wanted to go, just go! No matter what you want from a break away, there is something for everyone in this beautiful city. Enjoy the sun, the food and the culture.

What city break are you going on next?

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