Letting go of negative vibes


Life is full of ups and downs. Your relationships can be thriving while your work life is an uphill battle. You can try to balance everything as much as possible but sometimes you need to let something fall and steadily pick it back up when it feels right.

Lately I have found myself in the middle of some negative environments and it does put a dark cloud over my head and I can feel myself getting sucked in. I began to worry about everything and it took up a lot of space in my head. I felt emotional and drained. Slowly it all started to fade away and I started to feel more like myself and most importantly more positive and happier.

I know it's not realistic to be happy all day every day just like I can't be sad all the time. Where there is good, there is bad. It comes hand in hand. The way you choose to look at it is what truly counts. I will always choose the brighter side and do what I can to feel that way.

I decided to write down a few ways to make those negative thoughts go away so that I can look back at this when I fall back into that headspace at some point in the future. I also want to share them with you, in case you ever need some words to get you through the day. Don't let it steal your joy.

Five Ways To Let Go Of Negativity 

Let it all out. Any time, anywhere. Remove yourself from everything around you that doesn't feel good and breathe. 

Think of something good
When you are in that negative mind and you feel like you are surrounded by bad vibes, think of something good. Be thankful for the people in your life, the food on your table and the roof over your head. Think about how you can turn it around and put a positive spin on it. Attract the good by thinking about it. 

Take a break
I haven't been in the right mindset or felt inspired to blog the last couple of weeks (months!), so I took a break. I gave myself some time to enjoy the little things and not force anything I didn't want to do. Even a couple of hours binge watching Netflix can be the break you need to escape the world for a while. 

Let it out 
Speak to someone about how you feel or write it down in a notebook. Let your thoughts and feelings come to the surface. You might be surprised what comes out and what advice you will get back. Let it all go, cry, scream or laugh. Reflect and release it from your mind.

Look forward
If it's bothering you today, chances are it won't even cross your mind in a couple of weeks or months. There are so many bright and positive days ahead. You can make them all happen. Start with planning a day out doing something you love or a trip away somewhere new. 

Build a positive and happy future for yourself. You deserve it.

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