The Anniversary Scrapbook


It is my Grandparent's Golden Wedding Anniversary this weekend. They fell in love over 50 years ago and have made a good life together. With a family who love them both dearly and it is slowly growing.

They decided to celebrate by throwing an intimate party with their closest friends and family. Along with the invitation they asked for no gifts but I couldn't help myself. I wanted to give them something that is meaningful and something they can keep to remember this special occasion. They are not materialistic at all, they have collected many little trinkets and photo frames over the years. On special occasions they love getting a card with lovely words inside and you can never go wrong with giving them a new photo of their grandchildren.

That is when I thought of this little idea to create a scrapbook.

I like to be crafty every now and then. Art was one of my favourite classes at school because I could spend a couple of hours creating something from scratch. In my mind I pictured something that was a guestbook and photo album all in one, I then started to make a plan.

First, I bought a blank photo album book and a couple of pens and some glue. I asked my Mum if she could sneakily ask my Grandad for a copy of some photos from their wedding day. It was back in the sixties so they only had two photos but it was enough. I went to get them printed and I was ready to get creative.

I started off the scrapbook with some modern calligraphy writing, wishing them happy anniversary, the date they got married and their names. I've been practising every now and then. I'm slowly getting there and enjoy some quiet time with the quill and paper. Then I stuck in the photos from their wedding day.

On the day of the party I will be passing it around to everyone getting them to write a little message inside and take a few photos from the evening. Then stick them in the next day and give it to them as a little gift from essentially all of us.

I'm really looking forward to giving them this little scrapbook. It's a simple idea but I know that this will be something they'll love more than a gift that cost a thousand times more. I will definitely keep this idea for future special occasions my loved ones have.

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