Slowing Down In The Countryside


Love for the countryside

As soon as I arrive in Scotland I feel at home. It was my first home and where I spent my earliest days on this earth. Calmness washes over me even while sitting in the car on my way to my Grandparents house. It's so quiet and all you can see is one road in the distance in between fields and hills. 

It was my Grandparent's Golden Anniversary that weekend, all my family came together so that we could celebrate. In between the family gatherings I embraced being back in Aberdeenshire. Back in the country. 

I remember visiting a couple of times a year when I was younger. My little sister and I would go out and play in the park across the road from my Grandparents' house for hours. Go for bike rides around the school playground. It felt safe out there compared to the busy roads at home. We would miss it when we were back at home. My Mum and her siblings were so lucky to spend their childhood there. Where the air is crisp and still.

Reflecting and recharging

Being away in the countryside for the long weekend gave me the chance to slow down and take a break away from every day life. When I'm in the countryside I can't help but take it easy, it's so peaceful and slow paced. A perfect time to use those few days to recharge and spend some quality time with my family. I was overdue a break away.

In the last few years when I come back here I reflect on where I am in my life and think about all the things that have changed since I was last there. Quite a lot has changed since I was last there over two years ago, sometimes when you are always on the go you forget how all the little things you do in your daily life can make a huge difference over time. Slowing down is good for the mind and body.

A slow lived life

I try to adopt slow living every day where I can. Quiet Sunday mornings, taking my time to wake up, make breakfast and savour the simple things in life. An hour in the evening with a cup of tea and a book. Life is a little better when I slow down. I become more mindful and focus on the things that matter most to me. It reminds me not to get too consumed by the little things that can hinder my happiness.

Walking around the countryside gave me a few hours to embrace slowness and be mindful. I thought about how I can live a slower and more simple life. Every day I'm learning about what works for me. Finding ways to be more conscious. Devoting time and energy to what is close to my heart so I can live a life full of freedom and joy.

Slow living can be what you make it and it can be so good for us. How do you bring slow living into your every day life?

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