Signs of Spring


I forget how much I love this time of year, it may not be my favourite but after a long Winter feeling the warmth of the sun and seeing blossoms everywhere make me feel joyful. And most importantly excited for what the rest of the year will bring.

Winter is a hibernating season, it's good to have a few months to rest and live slowly. It is now brighter in the evenings and it instantly enhanced my mood. Right now, as I'm writing this, it is almost 8 in the evening and I can still see the moody blue sky, it brings out the life inside me.

Now that the seasons have changed I have been thinking about all the little things I want to do and truly embrace everything. Breathing in deeply and living intentionally. Let me know what you love to do in Spring. Here are a few on my to do list.

A Spring To Do List

Wander around a garden centre
At the weekend I went to a garden centre for the first time since before Christmas. The perfect place to get a good dose of what is in season. There were so many different plants, Easter gifts and a nice little cafe where you can have a cup of tea. If you have a green thumb you could even buy some seeds, bulbs or plants and get your hands dirty in your garden.

Make fresh wholesome salads
During the warmer months I feel inspired to eat fresh and wholesome food. Salads are perfect, lettuce and spinach are in season and they are good base for salads. Then you can add in all your favourite vegetables, mix it up with some grains, pulses, nuts and seeds. Pick ingredients you love and you'll begin to feel so good inside.

Have a little picnic
I had a little impromptu picnic the other day with my love, we didn't want to get something overpriced from a coffee shop and it was a lovely sunny afternoon so we decided to go to a shop and  get a sandwich, salad, some chocolate and a smoothie. Then we went down to a little green area by the river, sat on a bench and watched dogs play with their humans. I'd love to have more picnics this year.

Be active and try something new
Try out a new exercise class, go on a bike ride or go for a swim. Something you haven't done before. When I first tried pilates in the Spring 2 years ago it recharged my body and I found something I love. Now that Spring is here I want to go to classes again and maybe try rock climbing one day. If you're anything like me you start to feel more motivated to look after your body and a new activity is a good place to start.

Go for evening walks
The beauty of this time of year is that you can now go outside in the evenings after work and go for a walk. There is no excuses now it's warmer and light again.

Switch up your wardrobe
Put away the coats and chunky knitted jumpers and bring out the light cardigans and dresses. Every season I switch up my wardrobe a little and think about anything I want to add to it.

Have a Spring clean
Clearing your personal space and wiping away the dust is so good for the mind and it makes everything look fresh again. You don't have to go crazy and pour bleach everywhere and scrub every inch of your home. Spending a few hours tidying up and clearing the clutter built up over Winter can make a huge difference.

Plan a trip
Around this time of year is when everyone starts to plan their Summer holiday and trips for the rest of the year. I'm going to Scotland for the long weekend, my first trip away of the year and it won't be the last. Sit down and think about where you would love to go and what you want to do while you're there. Even if it's a day trip an hour away.

Play an album you love with the window open
It's one of those little things that bring me joy and make me feel alive. Listen to something that lifts up your mood and let the warmth of the sun shine through the window. It's even better while driving down a country lane.

Do indoor things outside
Read, draw, colour and write outside. Take the thing that you would do on a Winter evening and find a bench outside, bring a blanket or find a cafe with seating outside. Spring is here so spend as much time as you can outside.


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