The Quiet Winter


I couldn't be happier with the arrival of February. January is both a good and not so good month. I feel inspired about what the future 12 months will hold and at the same time I feel low when it's dark all the time. I think everyone in the northern hemisphere can relate to this. There have been some bumps in the road during January but there have been some pretty good moments. This winter has been a slow quiet one. I have embraced it, finding the perfect things to do with my free time and getting ready for the rest of what I hope will be a pretty good year.

When I took these photos it was a good winter day. Nothing extraordinary happened, apart from the magical frost that covered England and the most perfect morning light. It was a Sunday. They are the best for taking it easy and living slowly. I get that happy feeling knowing I have the whole day for myself before the week begins again.

This Sunday in particular I wrapped myself up, picked up my camera and went for a walk around the village first thing in the morning. In winter it is rare for me to be outside in the daylight, so the sun and fresh air truly brightened my mood for the day. It's so peaceful when there are only a few people out and about. Nature never looks more beautiful then when it's covered in frost with the golden light. I was happy I got some good shots. I'm not much of a photographer, amateur at best but I love to find beauty in my surroundings, in a moment and then hold it forever.  These photos will remind me how beautiful winter can be.

I then made my way back home, had a warm bowl of porridge before soaking in a hot bath, There is something about having a bath in the middle of the day that I love, it's a good feeling. I did a little bit of baking and meal prepping for the week. Then I went to the cinema and watched Manchester By The Sea with my sister while I drank a delicious mug of hot chocolate and then went to bed early. So simple but exactly what I needed that day.

Every day lately I have tried to do at least one thing for myself. It could be anything from making a good hearty meal, roasted vegetables have been my favourite. Staying in and getting an early night, my body has been craving a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night and I try to give myself that rest. Picking up a book and taking in the words from the pages. Buying a bunch of flowers just because. Listening to my favourite albums. Those little things over time make a happy life.  

There is so much goodness in life. Even though some days it doesn't feel like it - especially with current world events. Take the time to cherish the good things. Some days are harder than others and that's okay. Pick yourself up and try again. Relish in the rest of winter. And get ready for what is to come. 

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