A Long Distance Relationship


There are all kinds of love in the world. No two relationships are ever the same. Love can be for more than one human and it can be unrequited. It has changed a lot compared to when our grandparents were our age. There are so many different ways to meet people, it is both amazing and daunting at the same time.

My love story started online. Every day you hear about more and more people who find their person online. 20 years ago it was unheard of. I wasn't looking for it but somehow the magic of the internet connected me with a boy who I could talk to for hours and we quickly became friends. Over time we became more than that and then one day we met face to face. And then began our long distance relationship. 

We have been in a long distance relationship for over a year and we're still going strong. There are 168 miles in between us, although it may not seem like a lot compared to others who have hundreds or thousands of miles to work with, it is far enough. Some days are harder than others but when you're together you forget about it all. 

It feels a little strange talking about something close to my heart but I wanted to share some of my thoughts about being in a long distance relationship and maybe give a little advice and tips to those of you in a LDR. 

What I've learnt about being in a long distance relationship

Make plans to see each other 
We always make sure that we plan for our next weekend together. It's good to have something to look forward to, you can count down the days and think about what you'll do when you're next together. We also think about day trips out and weekends away that we would like to do.

The good and bad of travelling
I love the feeling when I'm in my car on my way to see my love for the weekend. I know it's a matter of hours until I see his face. I have been stuck in traffic plenty of times on a Friday evening and it sucks. Although it is not as bad as the feeling when your heart sinks while driving away from them. Be prepared to spend a lot of time stuck in a car, train or plane. And if you can, try and travel at off peak times. 

Online dates
Technology is a life saver if you're in a LDR. Throughout the day we use WhatsApp and about once every week or two we make time to either Skype, FaceTime or call each other. Simple things like sending a photo of where we are or what we're having for lunch can make us feel like we're closer to each others everyday lives.  

Trust and communication
I find it incredibly easily to trust my guy. I don't even have to think about it. It comes naturally and we both know that we can always talk to each other about how we are feeling. Being emotionally close is just as important as being physically close. 

Embracing time alone
I like having time to myself and I try to fill it with things I like to do like going for coffee with friends, working out or baking. I think it's important to make the most of this time and enjoy being alone while it lasts. Time also goes quicker when you keep busy. 

Take photos and make memories
Every day we spend together is the greatest. Even the little things like making dinner at home together is fun. We also love to go out and visit new places and make memories. I like to capture them so I can look back and be reminded of that happy moment. 

It won't last forever 
Sometimes I have to remind myself that being in a long distance relationship won't last forever. One day this chapter of our relationship will be in the past and it will make us stronger for the future.

Like all relationships it takes a lot of work. Patience. Time. And love. If they make you feel happy even when you're physically apart, that's all that matters. Happy Valentines day, my love x

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