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It's now December and the time of year that I have slowly fallen in love with again. I don't think I have been this excited about December arriving since I was a little girl. As I grew up, I started falling out of love with christmas and this time of year. A combination of spending the christmas holidays revising for exams, doing coursework and then I worked in retail for five years, it took all of the excitement away. Last year was the first year I felt like I could enjoy the festive period again. And now all of the magic is coming back to me and I'm looking forward to the rest of December.

Embracing the festive feeling is all I want to do at the moment. I want snow to fall, get cosy with a hot chocolate, drive past all the pretty lights, spend time and celebrate the year with those dear to me. For christmas this year I will be spending it in Edinburgh with my love for a few days. I love exploring new places and I know this will be a special one for us. I want to end the year feeling joyful, it has been a crazy but amazing year. And I am already excited for the next. But before then I'm making the most of this time of year before we say goodbye to it for another year. I want to do all the quintessentially festive things and make some time to take care of myself. I have already made plans to fill the winter days with all things festive.

10 things to do during the festive season

1, Get snug and cosy
The days are darker and the air is colder, and sometimes all you want to do is get cosy. It's important to do what makes you feel happy and cosy. My typical cosy evening starts with a hot bath after a long day with a Lush bath bomb, it is the perfect way to start warming up. I then like to wear something comfy - PJs are always a good choice. Every day in winter I light candles, the room feels more like home and I make sure I have my favourite soft and warm blanket to get cosy under. Depending on how I feel I might put on Netflix and watch a series, I can watch Gilmore Girls over and over again. Maybe I'll read a book or catch up on reading blogs. Make cosy time your own. 

2, Got to a Christmas market
I love going to christmas markets, there is always so much going on and feels like you have stepped into the land of christmas. You can indulge in seasonal food, play games, buy some new christmas decorations or presents and go on the rides. Even the small town christmas markets have amazing stalls by local businesses. 

3, Have a festive drink
Every year as soon as the red cups arrive at Starbucks I'm already planning on making a trip and ordering an eggnog latte. I like to try all the christmas drinks before they're gone. Cafe Nero have an orange spiced latte on the menu and it's so delicious. In the evenings you can treat yourself to mulled wine or hot cider. They always taste better when it's cold outside. 

4, Decorate your home 
Christmas trees are one of my favourite things about christmas. I love trees all year round and they look even better when they are sparkling and have been dressed for the season. I'm dreaming of the day I have my own home and can go out to buy a real tree and decorate it exactly how I want. Putting fairy lights up always brightens the home, especially during the darker afternoons and evenings. You can even take it a step further and change up your bedding to a christmas theme or add little home accessories. And of course display your christmas cards from family and friends.

5, Get baking
Winter is the time for baking lots of sweet treats. My favourite thing to bake in December is gingerbread cookies. So simple and classic for christmas. Ginger loafs are also amazing, sometimes I like to have it with custard and extra cinnamon. Treat yourself by baking something sweet and don't care about the calories. 

6, Dress up for a Christmas party 
There is no better time to dress up than at christmas, it's one of the only occasions you can wear something with a little more sequins and glitter. You can pull out your favourite christmas jumper or those special shoes that you save for parties. Wear something that makes you feel good and sparkle. 

7, Wrap gifts and write cards
I love wrapping up the presents I carefully chose for my friends and family. I like to pick out the wrapping paper, get the tape, scissors and silver and gold pens ready so that I can begin wrapping everything up. I'll happily sit in my room for a couple of hours and listen to christmas songs. 

8, Go for a winter walk or ice skating
Putting a coat, scarf and boots on and heading outside in the cold winter days always feels so good. We stay inside more during winter to stay warm but I try go outside during the daylight and get some fresh air. When it's frosty or if snow has fallen the world looks so peaceful and still. If you want something a little more fun you can go ice skating. 

9, Look at the christmas lights
It's a tradition for me, my Dad and Sister to go into London to look at the christmas lights on Oxford and Regent Street and then go out for dinner in China Town. We do it almost every year. In the weeks leading up to christmas more and more people put up christmas lights. From simple fairy lights in the window to lights that cover the entire house, you only get it once a year. 

10, Take photos with loved ones and enjoy yourself 
Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself. December can be a busy time, lots of events, family to visit and shopping to finish. It can be overwhelming at times.  Take a few moments for yourself and enjoy it. Spend as much time as you can with loved ones and capture those moments to look back on. 


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