On Balancing Life: Work, Relationships & Everything Else


Every Sunday evening I think about the week ahead. I'm not the type of girl who schedules her life by the hour but I do like to remind myself of any plans I have made so far and then working out the time to do everything else. I usually figure out what days I can fit in a workout, when I can set aside time for blog writing and when the next time I hang out with my friends will be. It almost sounds a bit ridiculous that I have to plan my life days or weeks in advance but if I didn't then I wouldn't be able to do everything I want to do.

I'm not a busy person. I think 'busy' gets thrown around all the time and has been glorified for the wrong reasons. My life is full of different things. I want to do it all and so much more. There are busy work days, the lazy days when I want to watch Gilmore Girls for hours and everything else in between. Sometimes I have it in my head that I need to do everything all the time but I have to bring myself back to reality and focus on what is most important to me. In this modern life we are always switched on, as soon as we wake up until we go to sleep. It can be overwhelming at times, we need time to rest and be more mindful. We are only human.

It is all about finding balance in life. In my opinion, having a fulfilling life is better than a full life. I'm still working on it and navigating through life one step at a time, nobody is perfect after all. I have learnt that sometimes the little things you do every day can make a difference. In the end it is your life, do what is right for you.

What I do to keep my life balanced.. 

Work // keep separate 
I work typical 8 hour days in an office. When I'm at work I have my work hat on and once I have left the building the rest of my time is my own. I like to keep it separate from home life. No matter what your job is, even if it's your dream job or you just love working, it is important to have time for yourself away from work. Refresh and clear your mind. Do something you enjoy. Work will always be there.

Relationships // plan ahead 
Sometimes being in a relationship takes a lot of work. Being in a long distance relationship can be even harder. I would say I have invested a lot of my time in love this past year and I wouldn't change it for the world. My boyfriend and I always make sure to plan the next time we will see each other. It really helps and it gives us something to look forward to. We have weekly Skype dates and are pretty much texting each other all day. Technology brings us closer together even when we are miles apart.

Blogging // use time wisely 
I love when I get a chance to sit and write a blog post. I don't have as much time as I used to have for blogging so now I have to try and use even a little bit of time every week to work on my blog. Sometimes it's a few minutes taking photos, a moment thinking about ideas to write about or a few hours tapping away at my laptop. I don't like to put pressure on myself to write because I love blogging and this little space is just for me and my words. I always find the time eventually.

Working out // do what feels good 
Exercising and keeping fit is important for everyone. For me it's about more than looking good, it makes me feel good. In my body and my mind. Sometimes if I've had a busy week or I don't feel going to the gym or rolling out the mat for some light yoga, I rest. It's okay to have a break every now and then. If going for a run feels good then that's what I do and I'll make it happen.

Downtime // be happy
Being happy in life is all we ever want. We all do things that make us feel happier. I like to have a bubble bath, read a good book, drink a good cup of coffee and so many more simple pleasures. Find what makes you happy in life and do as much of it as you can.

How do you keep your life balanced?

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