A Birthday in Brighton


Last weekend I went down to Brighton with my favourite guy for our birthdays, his birthday is 5 days before mine and a trip to the seaside was the perfect treat for us. We love to go away and have adventures in new places. I have been to Brighton maybe 2 or 3 times before when I was younger but I don't actually remember much, so it was good to come back and have good old look around and do the classic seaside things.

We stayed at the Queens Hotel, a very good location right by the sea, close to the pier, next to The Lanes and a 10 minute walk from the train station. When we arrived in the afternoon we had a walk around through The Lanes, walking past lots of little cafes and shops. Even on a Sunday afternoon it was so lively in the late afternoon, always something to do and see. There were also lots of adorable dogs around every corner. We had a break at Coffee House on Kings Road and had an iced latte and almond croissant, a nice little place to get a caffeine fix. We kept walking through The Lanes with all the multicoloured bunting and colourful buildings, then stopped by to see the Royal Pavilion before heading back to get ready for dinner.

Italian is one of our favourite places to eat, there's always good vegetarian food. We found Edendum on East Street, a lovely little family restaurant. I had the pesto gnocchi, it was so delicious and fresh. Afterwards we went for a little walk by the beach, the lights on the pier looked so dreamy and pretty when the sun is going down and there were lots of bubbles blowing everywhere, I love bubbles. We shared some churros outside the pier, they were so good! The Mesmerist was our next stop for a few drinks, they had a salted caramel espresso martini on the menu and I had to have one, and it was one of the best cocktails I've ever had, highly recommend trying it if you love coffee and salted caramel. Brighton is a seriously good place for food and drinks.

The next day was my birthday, a year older and another day by the seaside. We walked by the beach again before exploring the pier. The fresh sea air, the sound of the water and blue skies was a lovely way to spend the morning. I feel happy when I'm by the water. We tried to win an Eeyore toy in the claw machine but they weren't being nice and letting us win. After we made a stop to get some Brighton rock and a few sweet treats for people at home and then it was time for some ice cream. We went to Boho Gelato, they had some unusual flavours but I stayed safe and had the hazelnut flavour before heading back home.

Spending a day by the seaside turning 24 was pretty great. At some point I'll be back again Brighton, you were awesome.

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