A break away in Portugal


Last week my sister and I went to Portugal for a few days, a well needed break for us both. Summer hasn't quite arrived in England yet so it felt so good to get some sun and warmth.

We had a relaxed few days by the beach and the pool. Unfortunately for both of us we got a little burnt on the first day but we didn't let that ruin our time away. Cocktails were on the menu every day, they taste so much better when you're in the sun or on warm evenings. Out there they are a lot stronger than at home, two cocktails got me a little bit tipsy one night.

One day we went on a boat trip along the Algarve coast, explored some caves and a private beach that you can only get to by boat. Then had a walk around Vilamoura marina. We treated ourselves to ice cream, crepes and pastel de natas during our break away, they were delicious.

Spending a whole day on the beach on a Monday beats any other Monday, I read my book, soaked up the sun and had another cocktail. The sea was not exactly my friend on the last day, it was very windy and the waves were strong and as I tried to edge myself in to meet my sister, a big wave came and completely knocked me to the ground. I literally went straight to horizontal in a second, not my finest moment.

I do miss waking up every morning and looking out of our balcony and seeing the pool, palm trees and the sea. I'm now even more excited for the rest of the trips I have planned for the rest of the year.

I'll see you again Portugal.

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