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In a few days I will be will be on holiday in Portugal, getting a break away from work and life in England. The older I get the more I realise how good it is for you to go away and travel as much as you can. If I could, I would go away all the time, I love going to new places and exploring. In the last few months I have been on a few trips around England and have become a lover of weekend trips away from home and it feels so good to be heading to a warmer country with sunshine every day.

I've learnt more every time about how to travel light, I know I need to be organised about what I will use and wear instead of bringing absolutely everything and how to maximise my space. I'm only taking hand luggage for a 5 night holiday so I used all of the packing skills I have to make sure I have everything I need, a few 'good to have' bits and all within the cabin baggage allowance.

Tips for travelling light 

The bag
It's simple really, if you can't have a heavy bag as some airlines have a weight limit, use a lightweight bag. My bag is not the most stylish but it's does not weigh much, it has wheels, doubles as a back pack, pockets, several handles and is a soft material so you can squeeze it into small places. It's very practical, is within the size restriction of most airlines and easy for me to carry. 

Roll don't fold
One of the most useful tips I've discovered is rolling my clothes, you can fit a lot more in your bag that way and I find that it keeps them from being creased. I also put my heavier items at the bottom like shoes and jeans. And the things I will need at the airport or first thing when I get to my destination at the top. 

Collect free samples 
I love travel minis, they are so cute and great because they're all under 100ml and can take them in my hand luggage. Whenever I find samples inside a magazine or after buying lots of beauty products in one go I collect them all and put them in a draw ready for when I go on holiday. I've done exactly that and I've picked the few samples I think I'll use or want to try. 

Make lists
I do it for everything. Making lists is my way of staying organised and a place to put everything I need to remember into one place. A few weeks ago I made a master list of everything I need and then when I start packing I know what I need and it's a matter of choosing which tops and shoes I want. Staying as organised as you can will save you rushing and forgetting anything essential. 

Be realistic & don't overpack
We've all done it, taken more than we need because of the fear of thinking you'll need this or that. In the end if you only have what you've got, you will make do and the world won't end. You don't need 6 bikinis for a 4 day holiday. If you're staying with family or your hotel has a laundry service you can get things cleaned. Split what you're bringing with the people you're travelling with, you don't all need to bring a tube of toothpaste each. Try to think about exactly what you will wear each day and if you can mix and match your clothes. Wearing the clothes that take up the most room like jackets while travelling will give you more space in your bag.

If you're going away this summer, I hope you've found these tips useful and I'd love to know yours. Travel safe and have fun this summer. 

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