Up by The Lakes


It's always so good to get away for a few days. Sometimes it can be exactly what you need, a change of scenery, taking it easy and some quality time for yourself. On Easter weekend I headed to the Lake District with my favourite guy and his friends, one of them kindly let us stay in his Grandma's cottage. It was my first proper trip up there, I was really looking forward to it. Life and work was pretty busy the few weeks leading up to it and I felt like I could finally breathe in the fresh air once we arrived.

We got to the cottage in the evening on Good Friday, it was pitch black, to be expected in the countryside with lots of windy single track roads. It truly felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. Even though I live near busy cities and towns, I'm not a stranger to the countryside, my Grandparents live in the countryside in Scotland and visiting calm and quiet places is so refreshing. Right outside the cottage was such a beautiful horse, the little girl in me adored seeing a horse for the few days we were staying there.

In my head I had an idea of what it will be like in the daylight, and then waking up the next morning I was still a little surprised about where we were. Surrounded by fields, hills and trees. Despite the rain, it looked so idyllic. I was happy being there, feeling cosy and with good company. We went to Ambleside, a little town with lots of little cafes and shops. Even in the rain and dark clouds, I could tell that it would look so lovely on a Spring day with the sun out. We had lunch in one of the little cafes, I had a vanilla matcha latte for the first time, it was different to a regular latte but good. After we walked around some more and popped into a few shops, a lot of them are so unique with handmade artwork, jewellery and unique gadgets and then went to the pub for a drink. One of my favourite things about the Lakes is how dog friendly everywhere is, you'd see a cute little dog snoozing next to their human and behave so well. Later that evening when we went out for dinner there was a gorgeous King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, one of my dream list of dogs to have in the future. It's the little things like that, that make an animal lover go crazy inside. The food was delicious and felt comforting with a musician covering songs live in the corner.

On Easter Sunday the rain had stopped and we decided to go on a walk, as soon as we stepped out of the cottage it started to rain. Luckily, I came prepared with my wellies and raincoat, I looked bit dishevelled in the rain but never mind, it's all part of being in the Lake District when it's raining. It did stop not long later and the sun started to break the clouds. There was a little farm house that sold firewood, handmade cloths, jam, mint humbugs and few more quintessential countryside essentials. You don't get places like that down in the south. We kept walking down the road, saw some sheep and went up a hill with incredible views of the clouds fading in with the hills. Exploring a new place and not knowing what is around the corner is what I love about going for walks, you never know what you're going to see or where you'll end up.

Seeing an actual lake was one of my highlights, being there with my love, taking it all in was the greatest. Another amazing trip to remember, maybe I'll go back someday and wander some more.

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