Hello Spring


And goodbye winter! It has been a long, dark season, at one point it felt never ending and I have been craving lighter days, the sun and warmth. I have to admit, lately I have not been feeling like myself. Around this time of year I go on autopilot, there's not much going on after the christmas and new year excitement and some days I feel a little blue. In the last week or so I have been trying to get myself back to feeling better and more inspired, inside and out. With spring arriving it makes it a little easier, it's a good time to restart and wake up fresh with the flowers and the new baby animals. Of course you can do this any time you want but there is nothing quite like a bright new season, month, week or day to turn the past around.

I'm going into this gradually, I don't want to push myself and feel worse. It's the little steps that count.  My aim is to feel good. It is so important to look after yourself, especially with the smaller things like drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. I really should take my own advice, it is easier said than done but I hope to be more mindful and remember to take care of myself. I wanted to share this because I find that it helps me to unload what is going on in my mind and help me work things out. The beauty of having a blog. And maybe even inspire others. I want to know what makes you feel good in yourself?

Here are a few things that make me feel good..

Looking after my body 
I do try to do this all the time, especially since the start of the year. Some days I do struggle with this, I don't eat as well as I could, I skip a workout and don't always get enough rest. It's okay to slip sometimes but I always feel so much better when I've had a healthy few days. My body and my mood feel so good and it's worth it, even more than that sneaky piece of chocolate.

Reading something new
I have not made time to sit and read much this year. I love reading, when I get a chance to switch off and focus, it's the best. When I do read it is usually in the evening before I go to sleep but I have been lazy and just put on a YouTube video or Netflix. I want to try and step away from the screen more, finishing a book feels like more of an accomplishment than finishing a whole series.

Not worrying about the little things
I'm a worrier. I worry about so many things, it is often the small details in life and when I have to rely on others I get a little anxious. In the end it is usually fine and all works out but I do doubt myself. By trying to worry less I hope it will open up and clear my mind.

Going to a new place
A new surrounding always makes me feel inspired. I do have a case of wanderlust from time to time. Going out and doing something in a completely different place is good for you in every way. Taking a break from the every day life and explore somewhere new. Next weekend I'll be going away and I can't wait.

Spending time with the people I love
It's one my favourite things in the whole world. I love seeing my favourite people, even if it's hanging out in a coffee shop and catching up. I feel so happy seeing their faces, it's not always fun being on your own. There's nothing better than living your days with the ones you love and I want to do it so much more.

Okay spring, let's do this!

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