York, My Love


Sometimes I forget that there are other cities outside of London to explore in the England and I'm so lucky to live in such an idyllic and historic country. I've only typically ventured around London and seaside towns on the south/east coast. In the last few months I have travelled a little further in the north of the land.

For Valentine's day I spent the day in York with my favourite guy, he surprised me with a trip here, staying in a charming little hotel. We went for a walk around the city centre in the afternoon, walking through the small cobbled streets lined with old buildings that are home to little cafes and shops. Full of so much character, it felt like a quintessential English city. Thinking about it now really makes me want to go back there again. We made our way through the centre, walking past the cathedral, York castle and the walls before heading to Delrio's, a little Italian restaurant that reminded me so much of when I went to Sardinia last summer.

The next morning I woke up to a clear sky with the sun shining, a dusting of snow on the ground and frosty rooftops. It felt so perfect, almost like it was all planned, I love snow and after such a lovely day and evening in York it was one of the best Monday mornings. We went back and looked around the shops and had a coffee in the town before we left in the afternoon. It was one of those trips I wish I documented more, taking more photos to look back on. Looking at these photos still takes me back there and reminds me of the warmth I felt inside me.

There is so much to love in this world, so many beautiful places to visit, thousands of miles to travel. And I want to do it all with my best friend.

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