Wandering in Winter


Just like frost in the early morning, winter creeps in slowly and then all at once everything is covered in ice. Each year is different for everyone but for me ever since the middle of summer, my life went into super speed and now we're here, half way through December and winter is beginning to settle in. Although it has been quite mild lately with the odd cold day, for the first time in years I feel festive and have been embracing winter as much as possible before it disappears for another year. I think a big part of this feeling is because it is my first year not working in retail, amongst all the busy shoppers and christmas songs on a constant loop. I also feel more content in myself and my life, there have been positive changes and the festive season is a perfect time to celebrate all the wonderful moments in the past year.

Right now I'm waiting for a ginger loaf to bake before I get back to wrapping the final few presents for my loved ones. I've had a few extra days off work to get everything sorted for Christmas and now I can enjoy the free time I have, drinking more eggnog lattes from Starbucks, and eating all things cinnamon and sweet. Most of all I think I'm looking forward to spending time with the special people in my life and getting cosy reading a good book. Unwinding from the busy year and getting ready to take on the new year.

So far in December I've been to my Christmas parties for the year, went to the Laura Ashley hotel for one of them and the decorations were magical, I wanted to bring all of it home with me and the vegetarian option was delicious. I've consumed a lot of sweet festive drinks and treats. Last week I went to see Mumford and Sons at the O2 for the third time, they're still so incredible live. Hearing their new album and the good old ones, jumping and swaying around while catching up with one of my best friends from uni. Last weekend my sister and I put up our Christmas tree. Fairy lights and Christmas trees are my favourite things at this time of year. It brightens up the dark nights and make inside feel cosy. If only there was a dusting of snow on the ground and it would be perfect.

I hope you are all feeling as festive and joyful as I am, remember to take it easy and treat yourself at this time of year.

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