Days in December


Looking back at the last month of the year, I can remember all the lovely things I have done with friends and family. Earlier this month I shared what I got up to in winter so far, and since then everything got even more festive. Spending my weekends in December making new traditions and getting ready for Christmas day. Most days were quite busy and I think that's one of the reasons why Christmas comes around so quickly. We all get caught up with all the great things about this time of year. Finding thoughtful presents for the ones we love, celebrating the year that has gone past and all the exciting things that can only be done in the festive season.

As incredible as the month has been, I only wish I could have spent more time with everyone I care about most. At this time of year, I feel so thankful for everyone I do have and the ones I have met this year. That's what it's all about. And I hope I will still have all my dear loves with me next year.

A week before Christmas I went down to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, for years I have wanted to go and unfortunately never got round to going until this year. There was so much going on, lots of food, drinks and rides. We walked around and I bought a new Christmas tree decoration, gingerbread and fudge, ate some chocolate marshmallow kisses and had some mulled cider. It was a lovely winter afternoon, I can't wait to visit Christmas markets all over again next year.

Ginger biscuits are one of my favourites, I wanted to start a new tradition and make gingerbread cookies. I'd love to make them every year from now on and have a little piece of this year go on for as long as possible.

This year Christmas was very relaxed, I think that's the best way to spend it. In the morning we started with presents, for the first time ever I was the one everyone was waiting for to come down and open them, I was more excited about sleeping in than opening presents, does that make me a proper grown up? Then I watched some Christmas films before starting to make the dinner, like last year I made it all by myself, in between it all I ate so much chocolate. It's okay because this is the time of year you can indulge and I'm already looking forward to healthy eating in the New Year.

I hope your December has been wonderful and the New Year brings you greatness, love and joy x

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