Playlist 005 / Autumnal Feelings


Lately I have loved making playlists, collecting all the songs I can't stop listening to, adding new ones as I discover them. Ever since autumn arrived I have been playing more serene songs that make you feel something, in summer I'm almost the opposite and gravitate towards slightly more upbeat and cheerful songs, you can listen to them again here. I've just listened to a few songs on the playlist and it truly took me back. The power that songs can have over me is what I love, a few months in the future I can listen to this new one I've made in autumn and take myself back to all the good memories and feelings that I'm living right now.

Looking at these song titles I've noticed that there seems to be a theme of love, I'm a romantic at heart and it shows in these beautifully written songs. All the words that were carefully chosen with someone in mind as they were letting their heart pour out with all the feelings they have inside them. Acoustic and cover versions of songs have also made an appearance a few times in this playlist. Sometimes the way a song is performed can make it even better, there is of course nothing like the original but it's always good to mix it up a little. Ryan Adams' cover album of Taylor Swift's 1989 has been on repeat since it was released. Style and This Love are my favourite, so raw and powerful. All so perfect for when you want some time for yourself, to listen and feel everything inside your heart, especially on this lovely autumn Sunday.

What songs have you been in love this autumn so far?

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