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I honestly can't believe October has come to say hello again for another year, this time of year is one of my most loved times of year. It is almost bittersweet, the way everything looks and feels brings peace and I am more like myself during this time. And then the dark lingers and the cold days are just around the corner. As I say, nothing lasts forever. So I'm savouring every day before the seasons change once again. There are endless reasons why this is one of the most beautiful times of year, although a lot of the living is dying, it does it in such a beautiful way.

One evening last week, I went for a walk around these fields, it's so close to rows and rows of homes and the motorway is right next door. It feels so quiet, you can still hear the distant cars but it's almost soothing so you don't mind hearing it in the background. Last week I had nerve pain in my lower back and leg, it's mostly just an uncomfortable constant radiating numbness but it was enough to make me slow down a little and got me to look after myself more than I have been. I think it may have been provoked from running and possibly not stretching as well as I should have, it forced me to take some time off from exercising and just doing stretches to help with the pain. That's how I found myself going for a walk.

I've been wanting to go on walks and take some photos for a while and finally did. To feel still, being there in the moment, looking out at the path in front of you. Going for a walk cleared my head, I was able to breathe and be gentle to my body. I felt inspired and really wanting to feel better physically and mentally. The days can pass by quickly and I find myself in a routine, not really thinking about the reasons and intentions of what I'm doing every day.

While walking along the grass with dandelions, I thought about how I should take more moments like this to reconnect with myself, break the mundane and have a moment for myself. Look at the sky and the trees more often because it's something you truly love doing. Don't restrict yourself to all these plans for each day, look at the big picture, think about your dreams, where you want to be heading. Remind yourself why I am doing what I'm doing every day. If you can't find the reason then take a moment or a thousand to figure out what it is you're working towards. Don't let it all build up, taking regular yet spontaneous moments for ourselves can help make everything a little better.

I intend to use this time of year to take more moments for myself, no matter what it may be, to connect back to what is important at heart. Keep myself grounded and strive for what is important to me. Letting all the magic and inspiring feelings take over, let it all flow. I would like to invite you to do the same. You deserve it, look after yourself and take a moment.

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