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 Every now and then my thoughts go back to the younger, slightly different me. I'm still the same person I've almost always been but gradually developing into the me that feels right and is more like my true self at heart. A big part of that has been adopting a healthier lifestyle. I won't get into my whole story, I think I'll save that for another day. For now I want to share what I've learnt from my always evolving lifestyle change.

The best way I can describe it is, one day something clicked in my mind. There wasn't a big shooting star moment, it started small, little things here and there. Before I knew it, more things in my lifestyle had changed and I took it from there. By a healthier lifestyle, I wouldn't say I lead the healthiest life, it's a constant journey I'm living and every day I'm slowly making progress. However, it is far better than it was for a very long time. In every aspect of living, from the food I eat, how active I am, the amount of time I rest and everything in between. Health, body, mind and soul. It's a package deal.

What I've changed.. 

My diet is one of the key changes that I've made, I'm more mindful about what I put into my body. Not everything is clean and nutritious, however it's better than ever. More of the good stuff that comes from nature and less of the not so good stuff, and drinking plenty of water. Exercise is now very much a part of my routine, I get moving at least twice a week and it has been that way since the beginning of the year. I've tried out different workouts and I can honestly say I'm fitter than I've ever been (for now). I go to sleep and wake up at more reasonable hours, that in combination with exercising has helped me become less fatigued. Writing down my thoughts and feelings, keeping it in is emotionally and mentally draining. My mind is clearer and moods are not all over the place. Thinking more positive and remembering to be thankful. Just some of many little changes that have helped me become healthier, personally.
What I've learnt.. 

It takes time
When I realised this, I think that was around the time it all became clearer. There isn't a quick fix, that's why they call it a 'lifestyle'. It's the way you live, if you want it to last it takes a little while for it to stick. At times it feels like you'll never get to where you want to be but you will.

It's not always easy
Think of it like you have always walked backwards and you have to learn to walk forwards. You find your balance, you can hold yourself up and put one foot in front of the other. It feels strange, you know it's better for you but you haven't quite got the knack of it yet and still stumble to the ground. That's what it's like to change the way you've lived for most of your life. Some days will be difficult and some will be manageable. Once you've got the hang of it, it gets easier.

It's all in the mind
Although there is active changes when you're adjusting your lifestyle, a lot of it is a mental change at first and then the physical acts follow. Being wired in your head to continue to do good things for yourself is what keeps you going back to it and it will become a healthy habit.

It shows in unexpected ways
Firstly, I felt better in myself both emotionally and physically. I saw it in my mood, body, skin and just about everything. Of course I knew it would be beneficial in a lot of ways but you don't quite realise how much. I found that other people could see it in me too, my confidence was one thing people commented on, how I looked and that I seemed happier.

I won't regret it
No matter what, I will never regret the more wholesome attitude I've achieved by taking care of myself. One little thing I do regret is not doing it sooner, but maybe I had to get to this point in my own time when I was ready to take a stand and do something so amazing that is now my life.

By no means am I an expert, I did what felt right for me. It's going to be different for every one because no human is the same. If there is ever anyone who needs some encouragement to strive for what they want when it concerns their life, I want to say that taking the first step is the most important part. Believe in yourself. Be kind. You can do anything and most of all, you deserve it. 

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