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Right now, I'm making sure I have all the last bits and pieces I need before I head off to the airport in a couple of hours. Tonight I'll be arriving in Sardinia, where I'll be soaking up the sun by the Mediterranean sea. I haven't made a trip out of the country in nearly a year and I'm yearning to be immersed in somewhere new.

On this trip I'm trying to be frugal and only take what I absolutely need. Every time I go somewhere new I'm convinced the prices to check-in luggage doubles in price, so I'm sharing a suitcase with my sister and taking a smaller one on board with me. Packing it with mostly clothes and then the important stuff I need easy access to.

I like to bring a tote bag with me to put everything I will need on the plane so I don't have to keep getting up every time and disturb other travellers, it's also handy when you're on your adventures elsewhere. In that I will have a notebook and pen, not necessarily needed on the journey but you never know and I'd like to write when I'm out there. Passport, can't get very far without that and I can't wait until I can change my picture in 5 years! And of course my boarding pass. Ipod, headphones and charger, I would feel lost without listening to music on the plane. I'm not a nervous flyer or anything but sometimes it's uncomfortable and it will keep my sane, I have an audio book on there as well to mix it up. If I don't feel like listening to music I'll read a book, I decided to bring Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, I've heard good things and it's a decent size that will be perfect for a week away. Lipbalm and hand cream, for when the plane air becomes very dry, I'm keeping it simple with Neutrogena Norweigan lip balm and a travel size L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream. Sunglasses for the beaming sunshine and hopefully I'll get to see a sunset while in the sky. A Purse with euros, sterling and EU Health Insurance card. Then finally my phone, I want to 'switch off' from technology a bit when I'm away but I'll still check in and take some photos.

Everything I need for a week away. I'm looking forward to sharing my trip with you all soon.

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