Make the time to do what you love


Sitting on my bed, on a Tuesday evening, half typing and half looking out at the slow moving grey and blue clouds with Spotify Discover Weekly playlist playing, a great new feature by the way. And I have finally found the time to write a little blog post. It makes me feel disheartened when I think about how we can't do what we love all the time, well some lucky souls can but for the most part there are moments when we all would rather be doing something else. For me, it's writing and blogging. How I would love to just sit down at a lovely desk or out in a cafe just thinking and typing away, go out exploring taking photographs everyday. It's so simple but it brings me solace.

Making the time to do what I love is what I want to focus on for a while. As life has become busier with work and summertime antics with friends and family, I have craved quiet time for myself. I'm very much introverted in that way. Finding peace to collect my thoughts, breathe and rest.

I have managed to make the time to workout whether it's cardio or yoga/pilates, albeit not as much as I would like to but enough to be satisfied and create those good endorphins. That has helped curve my yearning as well as helping keep on top of my fitness. The way I have managed that is to set the time, I'll think about my week ahead, see where I can fit it in and just go. No excuses.

Whereas when it's something like writing that's not deemed as 'essential' to my life or 'needs' to be done like pesky errands, it can be so easy to push it to the side. But why should that be the case? It's silly, really. An hour a day that is time for yourself is just as important as the other 23 hours in a day. Not only am I going to make the effort to make time for myself to do what I love I want to encourage all of you to do the same. It will be different for everyone but as long as we make that time like we make time to eat lunch we can do it. No matter what you do with it, as long as YOU are happy with what you're doing or not doing, that is what it's all about.

Little things I want to make time for..

Take a morning walk around some fields and overlook the green landscapes
Colour in my colouring book
Bake an apple crumble
Have a long stretch with yoga in the evening
Read a book
Go outside, see the world and take some snaps
Collect my favourite photos, get them printed and stick them in my photo album
Sketch some jewellery designs
Lay down, get comfy and listen to my favourite songs
Write a little every now and then

What do you want to start making more time for?

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