What my Dad has taught me so far..


On Mother's Day earlier this year I wrote about the things my Mum has taught me, now that Father's Day is here I want to write about what my Dad has taught me so far in life. Mothers and Fathers are so very different, they have their own roles to play, both very important in their own ways. Outside of being parents they are their own person. They've grown to be the adults they are, with unique views on the world. I like to hope that I have the best parts of my Mum and Dad in me and I can pass that wisdom on to maybe my own children. At the time when my Dad is going on and on about something I may not realise it but he's trying to tell me something that could be important one day. And I know I have many more years to keep learning from you.

Dad, so far you have taught me..

1, How to ride a bike, I still remember the hours you would help me by holding the bike up as I pedalled
2, Take care of my little sister, she'll always look up to me
3, Many things about cars like how to check the tyre pressure, oil, water and driving tricks to be a better driver
4, To tell time
5, All those little math tips like singing my times tables until I became better with math than you
6, Make sure to rest and drink plenty of water
7, Do what you enjoy, life is too short to not be happy with what you're doing
8, How to use a hair dryer and hair crimper
9, It's okay to get upset and feel shy, you're only human
10, Don't rush, take your time, there's always time

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