Days of Spring


The last couple of months I have to admit I haven't had my blogger/writer/photo taker head on. As much as I love writing and taking photos it has just been pushed to the back of the line for me. I think that reflects on how the spring months have been for me. I'm not a fan of using the word 'busy' especially to describe why I haven't done something. I think the right way to describe it is that my days became more full with life happening.

Ever since late winter I have felt like I've been on a roundabout just going round and round as each week began and there was no getting off. If that makes sense. And because of that I lost interest in blogging, writing especially as I went a whole month without writing just for myself in my little book. I would go to work and when I wasn't at work I filled my time with job hunting, seeing my friends and family, getting some exercise and trying my best to soak up the occasional days the sun came out. Keeping myself occupied so I didn't let myself think about everything deep in my mind. I was so tense, trying to do more. Feeling like I'm not doing enough. 

Now I'm inspired to leave those feelings in spring with the relief that I now feel. In summer I tend to feel more content and brighter. But also after what feels like forever looking for a job and countless interviews, I was offered a job that is related to what I studied at university. I can't express how good it feels, it was what felt like a never ending battle with the world. I'm now excited (with a hint of nerves) to begin this new chapter and progress to the next step and get my teeth stuck into a new challenge.

Spring hasn't been all bad, it has had its ups and downs. It's always going to be like that and sometimes it takes time to realise it will all be okay. I'm looking forward to all the good that will come now it's summer. Getting back to feeling like myself, doing what I love and being who I am. Never forget who you are and what is important to you. Let the summer light bring you only the best.

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