Ways to cheer yourself up


Every once in a while there will be a day or a couple of hours where I feel so unlike myself. Completely low and a little sad. It happens, we're all human. A reason attached or not, it's okay. Everyone will agree that it's not a feeling we want to linger. I personally try to get rid of it as soon as I can, to avoid really dwelling and sinking into the negative feeling. Doing a few things to cheer yourself up no matter how small can do great things. We all need to do this every once in a while.


Take a moment alone and just breathe. A long deep breath in and out. Get the oxygen in you, your head will already feel clearer and will take away the unwanted thoughts. Just distancing yourself away from everything else can help you feel more free.

Go for a walk & get moving 
Taking a walk outside is so simple but so effective in making you feel better. It keeps you from sitting down and doing nothing. It can distract you from the low feeling. If you're into working out, get your heart rate up and pump in those endorphins. I will always advise exercise as a guaranteed way to feel better and an effective way to cheer yourself up. Making you happier and even inspired.

Do what you love
Everyone, every single day should do something they love. Especially when you are trying to make yourself feel better. it can be anything. Reading a book, watching your guilty pleasure TV show. Playing your favourite music loud and dancing around, taking a bath. Hangout with friends, indulge in your favourite food.

Write down the good things
Sometimes we forget all the great and incredible tings in out lives. Like the special people. The goals you've accomplished or that joke that made you laugh so hard you cried. Write them all down. Personal or in general. There's a long list to read back once you've written it and you will feel thankful.

Rest your body & mind
A good nights sleep can do wonders. A nice dream might cross your mind. You can wake up refreshed. And simply recharge. Taking away the bad and leaving the good. 

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