Book Review: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins


One day I decided to download an audio book from Audible, I have always been a printed paper book reader, never ventured to the electronic book side because it just doesn't feel right reading a novel on a screen. The idea of trying out an audio book appealed to me originally because I thought I could listen to it at the gym when I don't feel like listening to music. I decided to go for the free trial and downloaded The Girl on The Train. I haven't really read thriller/mystery novels but it the synopsis interested me.

One day at the gym I decided to listen to it, at first it felt a little strange and I wasn't sure I would get into the story but I was completely wrong. I listened to the whole audio book in two days. That is what I liked about it, I was able to do other things like workout, clean the house or have it playing in the background. The story was addictive, I wanted to know what will happen next. I'm now more open to trying out audio books and mystery/thrillers.

There are 3 narrators, one of them is Rachel who is our girl on the train. Everyday she's on the tracks, looking out at the suburban houses she passes on her way into and out of London. And everyday she watched a couple when the train stops at the signal. Giving them the names Jess and Jason, imagining their lives that seem very much perfect. Until one day when she sees something out of the ordinary, even though it was only a minute it was enough to know what was happening. What she knows could be very useful but could also hurt those involved including herself. As the events after that unfold it becomes a mystery that Rachel attempts to figure out despite not remembering where she was that very evening.

I really enjoyed listening to this story and almost wished I read it. It was different for me but I'm now more open to trying out different genres and mediums. If you liked Gone Girl then I think you'll like The Girl On The Train, especially if you want something you can't wait to find out how it ends.

Have you tried listening to an audiobook?

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