Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Finding an author that really brings you into a story and makes it feel so realistic that you can believe the world created is real is the best. Rainbow Rowell is one of them. I've heard a lot of good things about Fangirl and finally got round to reading it. One reason why I was unsure if I would like is because of the fan fiction side of it. I thought it might be fan fiction heavy and focused more on that side but I think there was a great balance shown of Cath's online and offline life.

Cath is about to start college with her twin sister Wren, who wants to do her own thing and party. While Cath writes Simon Snow (a series of books like Harry Potter) fan fiction. Her boisterous roommate and boyfriend are around a lot, at first is keeps to herself until a friendship begins with Reagan and Levi. As a natural writer Cath takes a fiction-writing class but clashes with her professor over the idea of fan fiction, she struggles to create her own stories and prefers to live in her fan fiction world. Until her real world shakes up, worrying about her father who has never lived alone, an absent mother who comes back into the picture, a sister who is dealing with her own struggles. All while falling in love with Levi. 

I can't quite put my finger on why I feel this book is so great. It's got a bit of everything. Following a young girl who is growing up a little bit at a time. Whether it is Cath or one of the other characters, I think you can relate to them from when you were younger and starting a new chapter of your life. For the lovers of the internet and fangirls out there I think its extra special and relevant to the digital age. Everyone can now showcase their talents to the rest of the world, everything is evolving. It is also important to remember to live your own story, do what you want and let things happen. It's your life and your story, anything can happen it's up to you to write it.

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