January is always a long month. There is a constant chill in the air and the sun is fleeting in the dead of winter. It did snow a little one Saturday morning but it didn't last too long, it's my favourite part about winter, I do hope we get some more before spring arrives.

I've been trying to focus on my goals for the year, some have been going okay. Back to healthier eating and have been exercising regularly. I started a little internship at the beginning of the year. So not bad with those goals. The rest have taken a backseat but there are still eleven more months to make real progress in them.

If you have ever tried cutting down on coffee in the colder months it's actually really difficult. Maybe it will just have to be an indulgent that is here to stay. A few days ago I took a trip into central London to the Victoria and Albert Museum, I can't believe I've never been there but I guess there's a first time for everything. Then walked around Kensington and headed to Spitafields market.

Hope you all had a great first month of the year and next month will be even better.

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