Book Review: Landline by Rainbow Rowell


Last year was the first time I read a book by Rainbow Rowell and this is now the third and I have another on my to read book pile. When I like a book I make a mental note of that author to check out their other books. So far I have not been disappointed, I've read Eleanor and Park and Attachments, I enjoyed them both and after reading the last page I finish the book feeling like I learnt a little lesson in life and love. The same happened with Landline. 

Georgie is married to Neal and have two little girls. They met at college, she is a TV writer and Neal looks after their children full time. Just a few days before they leave to visit Neal's family for Christmas Georgie tells him that she can't go. An opportunity arrives with her show and is left with a close deadline. So Neal leaves with the girls for Christmas while Georgie is left wondering if she ruined everything. At her Mother's home is a yellow landline phone in her childhood bedroom where she calls Neal that evening. It connects her with Neal from the past. It's not exactly time travel but Georgie takes this chance to mend her marriage, at least that is what she thinks she is supposed to do.

We learn more and more about their relationship and their life together, the good and the bad. The time physically apart lets Georgie evaluate the person she is and in some way is given a wake up call in the importance of her family and loved ones. Sometimes I think we all find ourselves at a point where we remember to appreciate what we have and who we have in our lives. The daily mundane events can consume us more often than we like but at the heart of it there are other great things that need to be looked after. Whether it is our partners, families or health. We should cherish them. That is what I took from this book. No matter what happens, take a step back and hold onto the most important things to you.

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