I still can't get my head around the fact that it is now the second to last month of the year. It feels almost surreal, I have been told that as you grow older time just passes without you even realising. The days drag and the years fly by as my friend said to me yesterday. For me the first part of the year felt painfully slow, May arrived and since then time started ticking although when I look back to that month it feels like a long time ago. Time is a strange thing.

In October I have had the same old mundane days of going to work and feeling the struggle of getting out of bed in the dark cold mornings. Powering through graduate life and constantly doing what I can to improve on myself and achieve goals. As it is my favourite time of year I felt the desire to immerse myself in the simple things like baking, drinking a cup of coffee in a warm new jumper and taking a walk to look at the many colours we are now surrounded by before they disappear for a few months.

No matter what happens in our lives whether it is long hours at work or a huge curve ball being thrown at us or if we're just not feeling like ourselves. We need to take the time to remember what is truly important to us, take a step back and do something for yourself. Even one little thing every now and then like indulging in chocolate, a quick work out or watching your favourite show for a few hours. It will keep us stronger in the long run. Something I have learnt this month.

Have a wonderful November everyone.

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