Down the country path


A few weeks ago I took a trip up to Scotland, where I was born and where half my family live. Throughout my whole life I always remember making the journey there, when I was a child it was by car and now by flying. Although there is not much to do at my Grandparents house in the countryside I forget how gorgeous the landscapes are, miles and miles of fields and trees. The air is cleaner, it's so peaceful and you can walk around the roads feeling safe and to my surprise a cheerful 'hey there' and 'it's a fine day today' from complete strangers just walking past. I do for a moment consider moving to a place like this where it is slower, calmer and friendlier. Then I think, where do the people that live here go when they want a break away from the already peace and quiet? For now I'll settle for living on the outskirts of London and the smaller towns. I took a walk with my sister down a path I never visited before and quickly found a small bridge and river amongst the tall trees. I sat on a bench beside it for a few minutes and let the sun warm up my face. It's the simple things that can make you feel so good inside.

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