Book Review: Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler


In a place called Little Wing, a small Wisconsin town, there were four boys, born and raised, grew up and started to become men with all the responsibilities and decisions that surface with becoming an adult. They are Henry, Lee, Kip and Ronny. Some of them left the town, took a journey and when they're all back together after years apart they have also gained different types of success, personally and vocationally.

Lee is a musician who wrote his debut album in Little Wing, naming it 'Shotgun Lovesongs'. He then comes back home, finds his best friend Henry, a farmer, a good and loyal friend who is married with children. There is Ronny who was a rodeo rider and ended up with brain damage. His outlook of the world is innocent like a child with a good sense of humour. And Kip, a business man who is obsessed with money and greed.

The present events evidently get them thinking about the past. Bringing up old wounds, happy memories and a chance to step back and evaluate their lives. Beth who was with them while growing up and is still there years later is a woman who ignites passion, the same kind that resembles love songs. She too thinks about how different her life could have been if the past was written another way.

The book tells the story from each of their own eyes. In a plain and simple language. Touching on friendship, conflicts between husband and wife, heartbreak and dreams. Secrets are uncovered, people have changed but sometimes being back home will bring you back down to who you truly are and discovering what matters most. Showing that no matter how long it has been, there are still parts of us that will always connect us back to the home we grew up in.

A good read that you will begin to think about how everyone has something going on in their lives but we should not stay a stranger from those we care about most.

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