Book Review: If I Stay by Gayle Forman


Most people tend to stick to a type of book or story. I'm a culprit of that. I typically gravitate towards contemporary-love-drama-tragedy stories, whether it is books, films, tv shows or music. I like to be consumed by something, have deep thoughts and feelings. If I Stay is one of those kind of stories. I found out it had been made into a film and watched the trailer then decided to give the book a read. It spoilt the story slightly but the back of the book does the same.

Mia is a teenager, cello player, family girl, best friend and girlfriend. She finds herself stuck in limbo. Between life and death while in intensive care after her and her family get into a car accident. While fighting for her life or slipping away we see her recount the big events in her life as well as the simple yet good moments. From the arrival of her little brother, when she first played the cello, the first kiss with her boyfriend, Adam. Mia watches those loved ones who are there for her while deciding if she should stay. A little predictable I will admit, it's also a good story that covers all areas of a typical young person's life. It's emotional at times, cool punk rock references and inspiring.

A week later I watched the film and it's not often I think a film adaption is as good or better than a book but I think it was in this case. The book translates well, it had good actors, great soundtrack and shows what the story is about. Showing that with or without certain people in your life there is always someone there for you, who loves you and we all have greatness and a reason to be here to pursue and the life inside us.

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