The other week I took a trip to Marrakech, Morocco with my sister for a few days, a Summer break and a birthday treat for both of us. It has been on both of our lists of places to go and explore for a while and it is relatively inexpensive considering we entered another continent and a nice change to a typical European getaway. We stayed in a Riad, the bed and breakfast of Marrakech, they are everywhere and in the places you would not expect. When we were brought to a small blue door we were amazed at how big the space inside was and peaceful when the busy streets and alleyways are just outside. A haven in a city full of crazy yet functional drivers and motorbike riders where we could lay on the sun terrace and cool down in the dipping pool. Served sweet mint tea, a simple yet filling breakfast and very helpful hosts. 

Venturing out to the souks (markets) was a bit of a challenge trying to avoid all of the traders trying to do everything they can to get you to buy their goods. In the old Medina where we stayed it was an ideal location that was walking distance to a few places like the Jemaa el-Fnaa square and the Jardin Majorelle as well as endless markets. After weaving through the alleyways and getting a little lost there are sellers that are very kind and helpful, showing you where you can get something you're looking for or just being friendly and jokingly suggesting you to add them on Facebook. The food was very cheap to buy, one evening we managed to have dinner for £7 for two of us. I either had vegetables and couscous or vegetable tagine, both very tasty and I'm craving the fluffy couscous right now, best I've ever had. The orange juice is sweet and refreshing, perfect in the 37 degrees of heat.

Some of the buildings we would walk past had such interesting doors and windows. Very colourful and different to what you find in England. As we were in a Muslim city the call to prayer alerts were interesting, especially the way people would be rushing and the streets would empty however being woken up at 1am was not pleasant. In the late afternoons we would escape to a park and lay in the shade for a while, everyone is very chilled in the gardens, the trees are perfect with large leaves to keep it cool. We could really feel the difference between home and there, the people, the traditions and everything. It opens your eyes to how countries develop in different ways and how different the way of life is for people who live thousands of miles away from you, definitely an experience. 

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