Taking stock


There comes a time every once in a while when I need to take a step back from some things. Take a few days or even weeks to let the dust settle so that I can come back ready to drive fiercely through the road. Time is the greatest healer, one of the life lessons I have learnt this past year. As my birthday is approaching I tend to be more reflective and because of that I've decided to write down some of my thoughts. Maybe next year I will look back and have an idea of what I was doing, thinking and feeling. 

cooking - Halloumi, roasted vegetables with pitta bread and homous.

drinking - Smoothies, coffee and water.

wondering - Where I'll be a year from now. 
wanting - August 8th.

playing - Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence and The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack.

wishing - Goodness for me and everyone close to me.

liking - The warm July English weather, not too hot and not too cold.

reading - The Truth by Michael Palin, nearly finished and I'm still struggling to get into it, but never mind. 
hoping - For a delightful break away in Morocco next week.

wearing - Skirts, for the first time ever they are my favourite thing to wear.

thinking - Miffy, missing you so much still.

feeling - Eager, precarious and zealous.

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