Book Review: The List of My Desires by Grégoire Delacourt


Over the years when I'm in a book store and decide to impulse buy a book it tends to disappoint me, I decided to give The List of My Desires by
Jocelyne is a 40-something woman with a simple life that features a husband, children, a job and hobbies. She begins to examine her life, from her teenage years, to times of heartache and more recent days. It's very ordinary but the small pleasures like her work and weekends away keep her satisfied. After winning the lottery she begins to write a list of her desires, starting small with things she would like for the house and a new coat. They begin to grow while keeping her winnings a secret. It leads you the question if money can bring good changes to your life or if it is a devil disguised from what is truly important. 

I found that this book really made me think about my own desires and I'm sure we all have those dreams of what we would do if we came into some money no matter how substantial it is. A house, a car, new wardrobe, a holiday along with many other things. It also reminds you that you make the life you have, events will take place and will change your life but we should remember to find and enjoy the great things we have. 

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