June Days


It has been a month of ups and downs, sadly the downs outweighed the ups. It's a roller coaster life and nothing lasts forever, a lesson I have been learning this past year. In June a lot of feelings have been felt, a month ago I did not expect any of them but I find that the universe has a way of surprising us. A few good days with friends and close ones have aided my heart, keeping me at ease. Simple things like going for a picnic, coffee or dinner can do more than you think. After saying goodbye to the dearest creature in my life I have felt a great hole that has been far more difficult than I ever expected it to be. I believe it has made an effect on my body in combination with the pollen being very high I have not felt 'normal' almost the whole month, a friend I work with even joked that I'm falling apart. I will not be defeated, I choose to survive because that is what I do, what we all do. Through the pain, difficulties and surprises we power through it. Even when it is unbearable we fight until the end.

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