Goodbye Miffy


Saying goodbye to you for the last time two days ago was the most difficult goodbye I've ever had to say. My heart is aching knowing that I can't just go out into the garden where your hutch is and take you out for a cuddle, stroke your fur and let you hop around the big garden with lots of grass that you never really took full advantage of. Always finding a spot to sprawl out and chill in peace, we're alike in that way. Even when I put you in the middle of the garden you would hop back down the path and follow me to the bench where you would often hide under. Instead it's empty, I will never look out of the kitchen window and see your face with your floppy ears on both sides looking back at me, I've caught myself doing that almost out of habit to check you're okay but I know you're not there. The excitement you showed when I would open the door to give you food, I like to think you were also happy to see me. When you nudge me hello, come up to my feet or sit next to me and start licking my leg I knew that you loved me.

I've been thinking about some of the funny little things you would do. When I let you roam around the house by yourself while I was up in my room you would hop up the stairs, open my door and hop up on the bed to see me. While you were on the bed you push out your paws like you were trying to straighten out the bed. Sometimes when you were on the floor I would leave the room for a few minutes and I would come back and find you laying on the bed right in the middle. When there were sheets on the washing line you would go up to it and play around it. The way you would circle around people even when Mum was hanging out the washing. You liked to rip up paper especially envelopes with the plastic windows and chew up the buttons on the remote control and wires. One of my favourites was when there was a plate with a few bourbon biscuits on the fireplace and you just went up and grabbed one then ran back to your bed in the kitchen. It's memories like these that I will hold onto.

You were mischievous, friendly and adoring. Everyone loved you, who wouldn't. There are so many things I'm going to miss, I already miss and will forever miss. You were my first pet, for the last 5 and a half years I always had you and your fluffy fur to make me feel good, a friend who I wish could speak but we communicated in our own way. You were my most treasured thing ever. I will love you forever with my whole heart. Rest well my precious rabbit xxx

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