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In my years of being interested in beauty I have been able to discover products and ingredients that I feel have hugely benefited my skin and hair. In my experience and from what my Mother has told me, once you find a product that works well for you it is best not to change it. The exception to the rule is if a product is highly recommended or is something natural or organic. I'm a firm believer in natural ingredients, they are not only good for you but anything that grows from the ground can surely work more miracles than some man-made highly chemical infused products. I thought I would share some of my favourites and explain the benefits they have in the beauty products.

Coconut Oil

It is not only one of many super ingredients that have countless benefits to us, both internally and externally from heart diseases, immunity, digestion and of course in hair and skin care. A few years ago I did some research into products that would help my hair that was really damaged. It needed a boost and I read that coconut oil products help, I used serums, shampoos and conditioners that featured coconut oil or extracts. They really helped and are relatively inexpensive and to this day I still use it in my hair. It also aids in helping hair growth and adds shine to damaged hair as well as providing it with essential proteins to nourish the hair.

Acai Berry 

Now with a super-food label attached it due to the high in antioxidants and fibre factor they are also a great ingredient to to keep skin looking young and fresh. High in vitamin C and a useful tool to treat hyperpigmentation, this shows why I love Neal's Yard Power Berry Daily Moisturiser. In addition to acai it also includes bilberry and goji berry, this product in particular is certified with fair trade ingredients including Brazil nut oil and roobios extract. I find it very hydrating and that is something highly important in a moisturiser, an added bonus is that it smells very nice.

Manuka Honey

Produced in New Zealand, manuka honey has many number of uses to help the human body, such as treating wounds, tasting delicious and components with antibacterial qualities. Another super-food that heals, energises and hydrates. Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask has been a great help when my skin needs a boost of hydration, it also cleanses and minimises blemishes. Other ingredients it includes are vanilla and mandarin, giving it a soothing fragrance. It is suitable for most skin conditions and is vegetarian approved.


Jojoba is a shrub grown in the south west of America and northern Mexico, jojoba shrub is a wax ester like an oil that has a variety of benefits from being an anti-inflammatory, moisturiser and acne treatment. It is a key ingredient in the Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Scrub, the brand is a primarily organic company, this drew me into having a try of their products. The scrub removes dead skin, impurities and toxins, leaving the skin feeling very smooth and clean. I find it very beneficial if my skin is very dry and flaky in addition to minimising my blemishes.

If you're looking for some natural ingredients or products to give your skin or hair a boost I hope this has been helpful and interesting. Please let me know if you have an recommendations.

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