May Days


As I'm sitting at my table thinking about the past 31 days I can't exactly find the words to describe how it has been for me. In those days I have found myself to be busy enough that I haven't got round to doing things I plan to do every week but not busy enough to really have a valid excuse for not doing them. As I've been growing up I'm constantly learning more about things that I never knew before and have been discovering that it is all just a part of life. The ups and the downs can be so close together, in fact this month I found that in a 24 hour time gap I had an existential/emotional panic as well as feeling very at peace with myself and where I was at that moment in time. It's hard to explain why these things happen but they do and when you have those better days remember to cherish them because they won't necessarily last, just like the bad days won't last. Like the rain and the sunshine, they come and go as they may. I guess this month has been one of those that I've learnt more about myself through new things I have experienced. Wishing myself and all of you the best for next month.

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