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Curiosity plays in my mind so often. Getting a glimpse of how other people live and the way that they do certain mundane tasks are strangely fascinating to me. It is part of human nature and it is also a method of improving personally. I thought I would share what I keep on my bedroom dressing table/desk, well the bits and pieces I use everyday. I have a small box room that only fits a table, chair and bed because of that I try my best to maximise the space I have.

I keep a couple of magazines stacked on the table before I recycle them just in case I want to read a specific article again, I put my notebook, diary, my glasses and the book I'm reading at the moment close by. As well as a pot of pens and pencils. I suppose you could call it the 'work area'.

Most of my beauty products are stored in my wardrobe and for convenience I like to keep the products I use daily out. It saves time at 6.30AM when I'm rushing to get to work. At the moment I have really liked using the NUXE lip balm and face cream, both very moisturising and yes I have two hand creams, I like to alternate them. And of course deodorant and a hair brush.

My perfume collection lives on my table, ChloƩ is the one I gravitate towards most lately and then there is my watch and phone, ready to grab and use at any time.

What items do you keep on your table?

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