Book Review: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan


Despite the two protagonists of this book have the exact same name I don't think you could find two different characters who are connected by (in my opinion) the real star of the story, Tiny Cooper. I found this to be quite similar to how I imagined it would be, I've had this book for a really long time but it always got pushed back. It is a typical young adult novel. I expected this as I have read books from both Green and Levithan, it is always interesting to see authors and creators collaborate together to make something great. One of my favourite style of novels is when there is more than one (typically 2) perspectives from the lead characters. So when I got around to reading it I was pleased that I enjoyed it, more than I actually thought I would.

As the title suggests, it is about two teenagers who are both named Will Grayson and by chance meet in an unlikely place. Both very different types of people, dealing with their separate issues, in the same way most 17 year olds would. A large part of their lives revolve around another significant person. Classic teenagers, trying to work it out but with life that way it is there is always a battle to be fought. The two Will's are linked together from their friendship with Tiny as they continue to learn more about themselves and help each other find their way.

I did not anticipate that I would like one Will more than the other but I found myself doing just that. The first was quite typical, dull and was a character I felt like I've read many times before. I could not identify with him and that does make a huge difference to how I feel about a character. Whereas the second Will was far more interesting, complex and personally relatable in certain ways. That made me feel empathetic towards them and overall I understood him better. For others it may be the opposite and that's what I think is fascinating about different voices and minds to dive into. There will be something for everyone to take from compared to a one voice book.

It left me with mixed emotions, I cried at one point, laughed out loud (literally) and yet it was thought provoking. There are a lot of feelings to be felt, always a good quality in a book if they can master that. It was raw and different, it reflects the Will's and Tiny so well. I think you will fall into every emotion not matter who you are.

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