February Days


Most months seem to pass by quicker than you can blink and February being the shortest month of the year I feel like I have hardly let out a breath. I'm still trying to work out what I should be doing with my graduate status, it's a terribly confusing time for me at the moment but I try to remember that I'm lucky to have a job and I'm able to pick up extra hours. My week off work is coming to an end and of course has flown by. I've spent some time with my rabbit, little sister and dad, tidying the house and shopping. Since my mum has gone away for a few weeks I have become very domesticated, I don't quite recognise myself but maybe it is part of growing up and being an adult. In between those days I have done a few things that I love to do but don't always get a chance to like visiting the Tate Modern, creative writing and taking my time to enjoy my mornings. Now I'm ready to greet Spring and see what the season holds.

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