January Days


And just like that the first month of the year has come to an end. Inevitable, just like the end of the train track with the feeling of satisfaction that you've reached it but also melancholy because you will go no further. That is how I would describe this last day. It has been a long month but waking up and realising it is the last day I felt like not much has happened. I guess that is what January is.

At the start I was focusing on positivity, I regret to admit that it only lasted the first half of the month as life sneaks up on you with those little yet big things that throw you off your path but I want nothing more than to open my eyes and go into the storm brave, again. I am however pleased to share that I have been focused on my goals I want to accomplish this year, although the progress is small it is better than nothing at all.

Where there is coffee, there is me. I've been drinking a lot of the good stuff this month, with friends and at home. I took this photo of myself on New Years Day, it's strange when you look at a photo of yourself taken a little while ago and think about all the things that have happened since that they did not know will happen at that moment in time. Went to LEON a few times this month, one of my favourite places to eat at the moment. When you take away the rain there have been some glorious mornings in the sky.

Lets see how February unravels..

xo Natasha
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