Book Review: The Library of Unrequited Love by Sophie Divry


Yesterday I was in Waterstones having my usual look around to see if any book catches my eye, as I looked round I came across this book and I recognised the title of this book and remember it was positively reviewed so I picked it up and read the blurb then decided to purchase it.

It is a short story and last night I found myself sitting in my living room consumed by this monologue style story of a librarian having a conversation with a person who was locked in the library over night. I found that reading it was a lot like she was talking to me, it was intriguing and unique. The story gives an insight of what it is like to be a librarian, discussing the Dewey Decimal Classification, this reminded me of the hours and hours I spent in the library in my final months at university. How important a library actually is for those lost souls that are roaming the world who need a place of solace, a place to immerse in knowledge and even to pass the time. And of course the story of unrequited love for another person, a relatable theme that we all have experienced, including the 'what if I' and 'I wonder' thoughts we have.

This book was originally written in French and translated this year to English, when reading this story I could feel a decadence and how carefully the words were chosen, a lot like how I would imagine a stereotypical French librarian would think and speak. It is one of those stories that make you think about other people and even though I did not agree with some of what the librarian said there are some insightful lines. This is a story that I think all book lovers will appreciate and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

xo Natasha
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