November Days


It has been a slow but fast November for me, I would describe it as the hours in the day have gone by very slowly yet the days in the week have just disappeared. At the start of the month I had a bit of a cold and all I did was go to work and stay at home wrapped up warm then I got into the comfortable routine of doing that for most of the month, I've also been lacking in writing blog posts (sorry!). Very bad and unlike me but I've let myself re-charge and I'm eager to be a little more productive with my time.

The darker and colder Winter days have arrived and that leads to less time for my little rabbit to hop around the garden, when it is dry and light I try my best to sit outside for a little while. I don't tend to re-read books, mostly because I have plenty I haven't read and it's never the same as when you read it the first time but I had the sudden desire one day to read The Time Traveler's Wife again, I first read it almost 4 years ago and ever since I have wanted to read it again and now I'm half way through it. It's actually more interesting this time around, even though I know the story very well it is slightly different this time. I suppose as you grow up you experience and learn more so certain aspects become more prominent than before and you discover something new to love about it. I highly recommend this book, it's my favourite.

Hopefully next month will be more interesting and eventful. Have a great month everyone!
xo Natasha
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