Book Review: Getting Rooted in New Zealand by Jamie Baywood


Firstly, I'd like to kindly thank the author of this book, Jamie Baywood for sending me a copy of Getting Rooted in New Zealand. Before I started reading I had a glance at the summary and reviews about the book and it sounded exactly like the type of story I would enjoy, so I went ahead and began reading.

The book is about Jamie's own experience of moving from California to New Zealand, a completely life changing event. What sucked me in was how it is written in a diary format, I enjoy stories that give a clear time frame because it brings reality and fiction together and it is also easier to visualise. Like all humans, I'm a nosey person, so it was similar to reading someones mind and knowing exactly what they are thinking. It also felt like the author was telling the story of her adventures in person like we're best friends, it has humour, personal and honest elements.

Some of the events that unfold just seem so crazy, in a 'how did that happen' way, as she meets new people, including a few love interests and working in bizarre jobs. Discovering what the way of life is really like when you move half way across the world to a new country, the real journey takes place during her time there. Finding out who she is, what she wants without looking back and focusing on the present. It reminded me a little of I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk, if you liked that book then I would highly recommend this. A good read to take you away for a couple of hours, if you like to read about travel, life and want a laugh, it's all right here. When it ended I wanted to know what happened next, I love (and hate) when that happens.

xo Natasha
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