Being a Graduate


As of 2 months ago I have been a graduate, a new and strange time to be a part of. One that many people are in, this includes some of my best friends. Once again we have found ourselves parting from those that you have spent the last few years of hard work and discussing each other's futures.

There are different types of graduates, some are in further education for teaching, law school or Masters and some are working part time in retail or food services. I would put myself in the latter group of 'some' and as well as this like I have been telling almost every other person I encounter, "I'm taking a productive gap year". Traditionally, those who take a gap year usually do it in between school and university but I'm going against the grain and it is also buying me some more time before I actually have 'do something'. I have a list of goals that I wish to achieve by next year (September 2014), for example work experience, learn new skills and other little personal goals. I have made progress in this area and I'm so happy about it but every now and then I do wonder if this is the right thing to be doing, I have my doubts but if it takes a year to work it out and prepare then in my opinion that is a year well spent. Although saying that, what is the 'right thing' to do.

The idea of working full time does not exactly appeal to me just yet, there are things I want to do before that day arrives. I might decide to study for a Masters degree, travel or just spend time doing whatever I want without any commitments stopping me. Then there is the other side of me that wants to be out doing something truly great to stimulate my mind and to fill my time, all while being paid to do so.

Considering I have just turned (7 weeks ago) 21 years old, I think a lot of 'actual adults' would say I have plenty of time for working because it is becoming increasingly likely that this generation will be working until the day we die. Others would disagree and say we should use this time while we're young to get ahead and begin the marathon. Both have pros and cons but everyone is different and I'm trying to find the balance because I simply want to work because I love the job and to have a life, and not to make work my life.

Needless to say being a graduate is a whole new experience, it's challenging and frightening. We have learnt a lot and have so much more to learn. Be kind to us world, we need a fighting chance.

xo Natasha
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