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This will be the first academic school year that I will not be going back to school since I can remember. It feels so incredibly strange (I think I'm still in denial), for most of my life when this time of year arrives I have been prepared to start a new year. New uniform, stationary and doing your best to start the year well. Hopefully I'll be able to share some words of wisdom from my own experience.

Work, Rest, Play

A balance is key, working all of the time will wear you down and study quality will decrease. Taking short breaks between essay writing and revision will help. Setting goals is an ideal incentive with this, for example a few hours work before you reward yourself with an episode of a TV show or work hard during the week and have the whole weekend off to do whatever you wish. Getting a good nights sleep to recharge after a day of lectures and classes is very important, so you're not feeling fatigued. Trust me on that, I wish that I slept better instead of staying up late every night.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Your teachers are not only there to teach but to help you. If you are unsure about an area of a topic you're being taught or even little things like deadlines or word counts they will be there to refresh your mind. Also there is a good chance that someone else has the exact same questions, so it helps everyone.

Friends are great at giving advice because they are doing exactly what you are doing, they have gone to the same classes, written notes and understand what you might be struggling with. Forming study groups I believe improves your work, due to the fact that you can discuss your thoughts and give each other ideas. It is always a bonus to be surrounded by friends and those close to you, in moderation of course.

Keep a diary

The most simple way to stay organised, I think I would be a little lost without mine, even if I write a quick note in my phone I am more likely to remember my deadlines and meetings with tutors. Often when a lot of busy dates are approaching I would write them on a piece of paper and would find somewhere that I know I will see it like my bedroom wall so that it can't escape my mind. The sweet satisfaction of crossing off each day/deadline is too good.

You can do it

Whether you are starting your first day of a new school or are going back for the last time just remember you can get through the day, year and all the obstacles that you will no doubt go through. Everyone has their bad days but there are better ones. Yes it is hard and you're tired of it and all I can say is enjoy this time and believe you can do anything.

xo Natasha
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